Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump America vs Hanoi or Bangkok

Well, it is well after the elections.  I'll be traveling to SE Asia to see how Vietnam celebrates the Tet Holidays.  This should be interesting given the context of what has occurred in America.  As of this post, Donald Trump has captured the Office of the President of the United States.  Given his track record with companies, I'm not sure if this is a good thing.  I was sort of a pariah when I kept on telling people that this guy could win.  I had gone on a road trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona, and I got a sense that California is different than any other state. 

I tended to agree with Michael Moore when he stated on his blog that Trump would win.  Given my penchant for travel in SE Asia, it made me wonder if moving to Thailand or Vietnam could be accelerated in terms of my time table.  Heck, I'm married to a Vietnamese.  

Like Anthony Bourdain, I find this part of the world wonderful.  Hanoi is a very unique part of the world.  

The fact that Obama visited Vietnam was really significant.

In terms of Thailand, the situation is complicated.  The King has died, and a new King is now in charge.  You are absolutely not allowed to talk trash about the King.  Absolutely, a no go zone.  Can't post it on Facebook.  No Twittering about him.  This sort of reminds me of Trump America.  In this sense, I am pretty certain that I could adapt to Thailand as well.

Trump America vs Vietnam vs Thailand.  Looks like Trump America is number 3 out of this list.