Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thai King has passed

The longest reigning king in the world had passed about 7 days ago.  The mourning period in Thailand will be long and extensive.  The King's portrait is always displayed prominently in any Thai household, and you will often see it in LA's Thaitown.

Some key things to consider.
1.  Lese Mageste laws in Thailand are hardcore.  This is what the BBC reports.
2,  If you visit Thailand, you must make sure you do not mess up and say anything bad about the royal family.
3.  The nation will be in mourning.  The Bangkok Post and other Thai news websites are now in Black and White.  Thai TV is broadcasting in Black and White.  You maybe should dress is black too.
4.  They will be monitoring for any defamation of the Royal Family.  Don't do it.  Consider blogs and Facebook as possible areas that will be reviewed.  If not, you might be getting a free vacation to the Bangkok Hilton (Immigration Prison).

Do not be like the people in this video.  This was when the King could pardon you.

Right now there is a shuffle with the Privy Council.  Prem, the previous chair is now the regent.  A new President of the Privy Council has been appointed.  The Privy Council is a huge factor in terms of the future of Thai society.

Thanin Kraivixien 

As the nation mourns, we will have to see how the nation adjusts.  Because the King has been there since before some people were born, his loss will feel deeply disturbing to the Thai public.