Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thanh Nien News reports bizarre murder pattern in two cases

From Thanh Nien News, there appears to be a strange pattern of killings in which entire families are wiped out.  In a recent article, a story about a man's unrequited love ended up with the killing of a mother, father, child and mother.    

This is related to another bizarre murder case in Binh Phuoc.  

This case also is about being dropped by the girl.  In fact, it seems so bizarre to just go an whack a family just because the girl said, bye.  The article does state that it was planned.  

In the US of A, this would not make the National news.  We got too many murders going on in the States.  With easy access to guns in America, our numbers would scare Vietnam if many knew about our murder rate.