Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bangkok's public transportation

Bangkok transit system.

If you strategically set it up, you can get around pretty easy in BK. Huay Kwang is actually pretty centrally located, and I am within easy walking distance to the MRT (Subway station) 10 to 15 minutes. There are pharmacies and 7/11 stores everywhere, and if you so desire, places to grab a pint whether in a bar setting or on a plastic stool. You won't notice the high concentrations of spirit houses and Wats, until you get out of your cages and walk.
Today, I'm burned out, because I went on as Bilbo would say, an adventure, but I forgot how hot it could get here. Largely because I'm on vacation, I decided to see how far the public transportation system could take me. 23 baht to take the MRT to Asok station for BTS (Skytrain) link. 140 baht for an all day pass. I may not use it to the max, but it cuts down the time waiting in line to buy tickets by coin. Asok to Siam Square. Siam Square to Taksin Bridge. Then a 150 baht all day boat ticket, although it was clear that the cut off was 5:30. Still, I would rather just pay for the convenience. You can pretty much hit all the tourist traps in Bangkok with the Chao Praya boats.
Unplanned. Got off the boat and ended up at Wat Pho. This is where there is a huge reclining Buddha. Nirvana Buddha pose. Was here before, but I took more careful shots. Did not go to Wat Arun, across the river, as it was under renovation.
Took the Chao Praya boat to see the Royal Barges. Well, it was deserted. And it was darn hot. But curiously, there was a museum in the hospital. Turned out to be not too bad, as you saw exhibits of a large river boat and other things about medicine in Thailand. Supposedly, there was a body of the serial killer on display, but didn't see that.
Got all at the Taksin Bridge spot. Walked to the Hangover sky bar. Took shots of the sunset wile drinking an overpriced drink. Most beer in BK is about 100 to 200 baht, depending. Nothing was cheaper than 500 baht, which basically is about right. Sort of a hipster rate USA level. Noticed a lot of "beautiful" people, both Thai and Euro.
Took the BTS back to Central Mall by Siam Square. Couldn't decide, and ended getting some spicy McD chicken sandwich. Not a good idea, as it sat and slowed me down today.
Total cost. MRT 46 baht total. BTS 140 baht. Chao Praya River boat, 150 baht. Way under 15 USD. The walking sort of was healthy too, as I'm getting heat about my weight.