Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Day in Bangkok. Next Day Hanoi. Summer 2011

I took this shot a few days ago.  This was one of the locations of the 2010 Red Shirt protests against the now exiting government of Prime Minister Abhisit.  On Monday morning, I am going to arrive in Hanoi.  I will be swapping out the traffic of Bangkok for the traffic of Hanoi.  The big difference is that the traffic in Hanoi is primarily scooter traffic.  I'm going to be seeing new friends in Hanoi.  None of them really speak English,so this is going to be an adventure.  

Unlike the Summer of 2010, this trip is going to be more relaxed.  I tend to function better on my own, and I adapt well to travel situations now.  Ironically, if this was 2005, the story would be different.  Before 2005, travel was not high on my priority list.  Before 2005, most of my airplane trips were short, and not necessarily by choice.  Never liked airplanes then, and still don't.  The first International flight was an arduous 20 hour span of being in an airplane and sitting in airports with duty free malls.  Now, I'm going to Hanoi on my own, and leaving Bangkok.  

The weather seems fine.  I guess the weather waits for me.