Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sawasdee Bangkok (Thai) and Three Seasons (Viet)

This is a clip of a series of shorts called Sawasdee Bangkok.  The clip is basically about a country boy who hooks up with a prostitute, who well . . . you'll get it later.  Actually, it is an interesting angle, given the references to the recent protests.

Three Seasons came out in 1999.  It was the first film to be produced by Americans in Vietnam after Pres Bill Clinton normalized relations.  It stars Harvey Keitel, but in fact the movie is more about the Vietnamese characters than Keitel's American returning to find a child he fathered.  The Vietnamese would call her one of the "children of the dust."  

When you watch the two clips, and perhaps both films, you can see how vulnerable women are portrayed.  Also, you get a sense of the beauty of the countries.