Monday, July 5, 2010

Culture Shock

It's a different country for (insert religious term here) sake.  Scooters and motorbikes.  Like Thailand, the cost of transportation versus the income is rather drastic.  A car is very difficult to pay for with the wages a typical Vietnamese person would probably make,  Ho Chi Minh City is Scooter City.  They show up in waves.  The cost can start from 300 US equivalent to 1000 US equivalent and then higher.  This is an older Honda that I spotted.  The other thing is wiring. 

From Drop Box

The growth of the city has been at the cost of some logical infrastructure.  Many of the Vietnamese are not happy with the state of their electrical grid.  

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I wonder what these people are thinking.  Boy, this is going to easy to troubleshoot.  One thing about SE Asia is the ability to gerry rig anything.

Vietnam has moved on and continues to develop.  It is following the model of China which has a duality of being both a Communist country, but also promoting Capitalism in terms of economic growth.  

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Hmmmm.  Pinko.  Definition.  Go here.  Look at photograph again.  What do you think?