Thursday, July 15, 2010

Problems with projects

Houston We Got a Problem.

1.  Contemporary Vietnamese literature.  Usually the most popular writers eventually get translated into English.  This is true for most countries.  However, in Vietnam, the literature is controlled by censors.  When you go into a bookstore, no contemporary novels appear to be available in English.  The Vietnamese titles also look. . . well . . .  like dimestore romance novel covers.  Not encouraging.

2.  NGOs.  I'm having a problem contacting an NGO without strings.  This sort of bothers me.  AFESIP is the Cambodian wing of Somaly Mam's projects.  There appears to be an appointment schedule and some other stuff involved, including an expected fee payment.  This troubles me.  I've seen this lack of transparency before, and my radar is high right now for BS.

I am going to have to revise my projects.  I have no projects right now.